22 October 2020
The Coffee Setup Every Home Barista Needs
The Linea Mini and Swift Mini make the dream of the perfect home espresso a reality.
As we’re all becoming more conscious of how we consume things, the desire to curate your own, tangible experiences at home, on your own terms has grown.  The popularity of fully automated coffee machines means that we have become passive in our home coffee experiences, only experiencing coffee on the machine’s terms. However, La Marzocco Home aim to change that.  

Born from the iconic and much loved Linea Classic, La Marzocco created the Linea Mini in 2015, specifically designed for the home espresso aficionado. The Linea Mini offers professional grade performance, but in a much more compact size. In other words, it allows you to be the curator of your own coffee experience, giving you control over every aspect of your coffee and ensuring you create delicious tasting coffee every time. 

The Linea Mini presents the design and performance of a La Marzocco commercial machine, with a reduced footprint. Handmade in Italy, the Linea Mini uses the same components used in commercial machines, ensuring the same durability and quality that La Marzocco has become famous for. With a dual boiler to allow optimal brewing and powerful steaming, the Linea Mini also boasts a hidden water reservoir, LED lights to allow you to closely inspect the espresso extraction, as well as a powerful ProTouch steam wand. 

A new feature of the Linea Mini is the ability to pair it with the La Marzocco Home app, connecting the Linea Mini and the home barista in a way never seen before. When using the app, the phone becomes a new display for the machine making it easier to adjust parameters such as temperature and pre-brewing. You can also use the app as a remote control for On/Off activations or regular scheduling, to ensure the perfect coffee is waiting for you whenever you need it without wasting energy or time. There’s also tutorials, FAQ’s and tips to show you how to brew the optimal cup of espresso. 

The Swift Mini, the newest of La Marzocco’s creations, is the perfect companion for the Linea Mini and a must for those wishing to create the dream home coffee setup. The Swift Mini grinder simplifies and streamlines the process of preparing coffee beans, making it possible to grind, dose and tamp a double espresso on demand with no waste and no mess. 

As speciality coffee is continuing to grow, along with our knowledge of the intricacy of the coffee process, we enter an exciting new stage of coffee. With the La Marzocco Home range, the barista can bring this exciting fourth wave coffee movement into their kitchen where they can continue to experiment, have fun and learn more about coffee.

You can see the Linea Mini and Swift Mini in action as part of The Global Festival on 30 October  — check out the full schedule here — or find out more by visiting uk.lamarzocco.com.
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