28 October 2020
Gruppo Cimbali Goes Big For The Global Coffee Festival
Here's what Slayer, La Cimbali and Faema have planned for The Global Coffee Festival
'Coffee: An Unstoppable Force' - Coffee Leader Interview with Enrico Bracesco
Time: 8:30 GMT

Enrico Bracesco, Chief Commercial Officer, Gruppo Cimbali kicks off the Global Coffee Festival with the first event of the day, as part of our Coffee Business channel.

The Importance of Water in The Coffee World
Time: 11:25 GMT

Rob Ward, National Coordinator SCA UK  and Group Coffee Specialist at Gruppo Cimbali, is a panlist on this discussion  looking at the importance of water in coffee, taste, sustainability and machine protection. 

The History and Future of The Coffee Machine
Time: 13:10 GMT

Join us in Milan for an exclusive tour of the MUMAC Academy, Gruppo Cimbali's coffee training and machine academy.

'Achieving Consistency, Every Single Time' - The Cimbali S30 Review with Rob Ward
Time: 14:55 GMT

Rob Ward demonstrates three delicious coffees and cocktails for your menu using the Cimbali S30. With Rob Ward, Coffee Specialist at La Cimbali and National Coordinator SCA UK.

Same Coffee, Different Espressos: Preinfusion Control with Faema E71E
Time: 14:45

Alessandro Giammatteo shows how to obtain different types of espresso – changing preinfusion but keeping the same base receipt - with Faema E71e technology. With Alessandro Giammatteo, Trainer, Mumac Coffee Academy.

Coffee Masters Showtime: The Order
Time: 22:30 GMT 

A real-world challenge where four baristas compete head-to-head to deliver an order of ten espresso-based drinks against the clock.

Coffee Masters Showtime: The Latte Art
Time: 22:40 GMT

Four Coffee Masters competitors and latte art legends battle it out to create the ultimate pours against the clock.

Plus, a plethora of Fringe Events on 31 October and 1 November! To learn more about Gruppo Cimbali, click here.
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