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The Review

The Importance of Water in The Coffee World

Looking at the importance of water in coffee, taste, sustainability and machine protection. Read more. In discussion with Steve Buckmaster, Director of Sales UK, BRITA Professional, Louie Salvoni, Owner, Espresso Service Limited and Rob Ward, National Coordinator SCA UK at Speciality Coffee Association / Group Coffee Specialist at Gruppo Cimbali. Hosted by Jeffrey Young, CEO, Allegra Group.
Coffee Business

'Coffee: An Unstoppable Force' - Coffee Leader Interview with Enrico Bracesco

With Enrico Bracesco, Chief Commercial Officer, Gruppo Cimbali
Coffee Business

'In Pursuit of Quality' - Coffee Leader Interview with Tim Wendelboe

Coffee Business

'The Principles of People, Flavour & Innovation' - Coffee Leader Interview with Tony Papas

With Tony Papas, Director, Allpress Espresso UK.
Coffee Business

'Obsession, Economics & Humanity' - Coffee Leader Interview with Guido Bernardinelli

With Guido Bernadinelli, CEO, La Marzocco International
Coffee Business

'Coffee, Creativity & Power Lifting' - Coffee Leader Interview with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

With Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Colonna Coffee.
Coffee Business

Becoming a B-Corp: Origin x B-Corp

Freda Yuan, Head of Coffee and Andy Phillips, Operations Director of Origin Coffee Roasters with James Ghaffari, Director of B Corp Certification, B Lab UK, speak with Jeffrey Young, CEO, Allegra Group, about the process of becoming a B Corp.
Channel Sustainability

'Choosing The Planet, One Cup At A Time' - Coffee Leader Interview with Sue Garfitt

With Sue Garfitt, CEO, Alpro.
Coffee Business

'You Have to Continue to Innovate' - Coffee Leader Interview with Kamal Bengougam

With Kamal Bengougam, Chief Commercial Director, Eversys.
Coffee Business

'Go Local. Go Live': 'The Future of the High Street' - Coffee Leader Interview with Ibrahim Ibrahim

With Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing Director, Portland Design.
Coffee Business

'It's All About the Team' - Coffee Leader Interview with David Abrahamovitch

With David Abrahamovitch, Founder & CEO, Grind
Coffee Business

'A Little Bit Obsessed About Coffee' - Coffee Leader Interview with James Hoffmann

With James Hoffmann, Co-Founder, Square Mile Coffee Roasters
Coffee Cities

London's Best Coffee

An exclusive insider tour of London's specialty coffee scene, café concepts and hot spots. Presented by  Dave Burt (@London) and James Hennebry (@rosslyncoffee).
Coffee Business

The Café Founders Panel

Ever thought about opening your own café? The founders of these London-based coffee shops, Ozone, Rosslyn and Over Under weigh in. In discussion with Lizzie Gurr, COO & Director, Ozone Coffee Roasters; James Hennebry, Owner, Rosslyn Coffee and Ed Barry, Founder, Over Under. Hosted by Jeffrey Young, CEO, Allegra Group.
Coffee Roots

The History and Future of The Coffee Machine

Join us in Milan for an exclusive tour of the MUMAC Academy, Gruppo Cimbali's coffee training and machine academy.
The Lab

Time, Space & Design: The Café Designer Panel

In discussion with Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing Director, Portland Design; Cameron Fry, Founder, Liqui Design; Marc-Andréa Lévy, F&B Director, Open House London. Hosted by Jeffrey Young, CEO, Allegra Group.
Coffee Cities

Paris' Best Coffee

An exclusive insider tour of Paris' specialty coffee scene, café concepts and hot spots. Presented by Stéphanie Magnani, President & Event Director, Le Paris Café Festival and Tom Clark, co-founder Coutume.
Home Rituals

Ozone: Ready, Steady, Brunch!

Anson Goodge, Head Coffee Trainer, Ozone Coffee Roasters and Mal Jeffers, Sous Chef, Ozone Leonard Street create a mouth-watering brunch using Sage appliances.
Coffee Business

Hygge, Hospitality & Business Creativity in the Covid-19 Era

Exploring the Danish tradition of Hygge, how it relates to the coffee and food service industry and the key role it's played in bringing people together during the pandemic. With Karsten Bøttker, Concept Manager, Danish Bakery.
The Review

'Achieving Consistency, Every Single Time' - The Cimbali S30 Review with Rob Ward

Rob Ward demonstrates three delicious coffees and cocktails for your menu using the Cimbali S30. With Rob Ward, Coffee Specialist at La Cimbali and National Coordinator SCA UK (@robq_ward). 
The Review

Same Coffee, Different Espressos: Preinfusion Control with Faema E71E

Alessandro Giammatteo shows how to obtain different types of espresso – changing preinfusion but keeping the same base receipt - with Faema E71e technology. With Alessandro Giammatteo, Trainer, Mumac Coffee Academy.
The Review

Enigma by Eversys: The Next Generation of Classic and Super Traditional Machines

An up close and personal look at the Enigma by Eversys with World Barista Champions Fritz Storm (@fritzstorm) and Dale Harris (@acousticcoffee) and Roasting Plant Coffee's Kallie Kocourek.
Channel Sustainability

Water – The True Epitome of Sustainability

With Meike Rapp, Head of Sustainability at BRITA Professional.
The Lab

Social Impact and Community in Coffee and Hospitality

In discussion with Eve Wagg, Founder and CEO of Well Grounded; Matt Fleming, Marketing and Communication Coordinator at The Feel Good Bakery, and Mat Keech, CCO of Hej Coffee and Key Sponsor of Off The Streets. Hosted by Dan Harvey, Marketing and La Marzocco Home Manager, UK & Ireland.
The Lab

'How To' with La Marzocco and the KB90

Join Estelle Bright from La Marzocco UK & Ireland as she shows Freda Yuan, Head of Coffee, Origin Coffee Roasters, how to make great coffee with one of the world's most innovative espresso machines.
Coffee Cities

Milan’s Best Coffee

An exclusive insider tour of Milan's specialty coffee scene, café concepts and hot spots. Presented by Valentina Palange (@specialty_pal).
Channel Sustainability

A Journey Through Sustainable Coffee Projects From Bean to Cup

How the Meta Region (Colombia) is getting back to quality coffee production with Veronica Rossi, Sustainability Manager, Lavazza and David Cutler, Coffee Specialist, Brand Ambassador & Head of Training, Lavazza UK.
The Lab

Coffee Entrepreneurs: Localism, Opportunities, Success

In discussion with Sophia Bayram, Founder, Carmen’sWill Pitts, Founder, Forts and Paul Kelly, General Manager, La Marzocco UK & Ireland. Hosted by Dan Harvey, Marketing and La Marzocco Home Manager, UK & Ireland.
Home Rituals

Home Barista Masterclass

with Freda Yuan, Head of Coffee at Origin Coffee Roasters and Q-Grader
Coffee Cities

Amsterdam's Best Coffee

An exclusive insider tour of Amsterdam's specialty coffee scene, café concepts and hot spots. Presented by Rob Clarijs, Coffee Masters Champion London 2019 (
The Review

The Science of Sensory with Netherlands Legends of Coffee & Tea

A sensory and cupping session focusing on water. With Rose van AstenLiesbeth SleijsterMerijn GijsbersKiona Malinka and Wendelien van Bunnik. Hosted by Jeroen Veldkamp.
Home Rituals

Coffee At Home With... Tim Wendelboe

Join Tim Wendelboe, coffee legend and Coffee Masters Judge, for a sneak peek at his home coffee ritual. 
The Lab

The Plant-Based Barista Masterclass

Serving up plant-based goodness, one cup at a time! With Merijn Gijsbers, Alpro Ambassador, Trainer and Dutch Barista Champion 2017 (@pippigrillo) and James Wise, Assembly Coffee and Coffee Masters Champion 2017 (@_wiise_).

Global Plant-Based Latte Art Throwdown

Top baristas across the globe compete in the ultimate virtual latte art throwdown. 
Coffee Roots

Handmade in Florence: An Academy for All Things Espresso

An exclusive tour of Accademia del Caffè Espresso, an industrial manufacturing facility transformed to a centre for training, cultural endeavours and innovation.
The Lab

True Artisan Café

The True Artisan Café participants will create a signature drink especially for the occasion, providing a ‘how-to’ guide so viewers can recreate themselves. Meet the participants.
Coffee Cities

São Paulo's Best Coffee

An exclusive insider tour of São Paulo's specialty coffee scene, café concepts and hot spots. Presented by Mariana Proença, Content Director and Natália Camoleze, Journalist at Espresso Magazine.
Coffee Roots

A Look Into Specialty Coffee Production in Brazil

Discover the production of specialty coffee in Brazil in discussion with producer Felipe Croce, organic coffee exporter. With Natália Camoleze, Espresso Magazine Journalist (@natycamoleze), Marcia Regina Poli Bichara and Mateus Poli Bichara, Coffee Producers, Cafezal em Flor (@pousadacafezalemflor).
Coffee Roots

Coffee Roots: Brazil Special

With Felipe Croce, Coffee Producer, FAF Coffees (@issoecafe) and Caio Alonso Fontes, Café Store Director.
Beyond Coffee

The Mindful Coffee Tasting Experience

A guided and meditative sensory coffee tasting experience presented by Michael James Wong (@michaeljameswong), founder, Just Breathe, and Alex Wallace, Q Grader and Head QC, Caravan Coffee Roasters.
Home Rituals

Coffee At Home With... Freda Yuan

Join Freda Yuan (@imfreda), Head of Coffee at Origin Coffee Roasters and Coffee Masters Judge, for a sneak peek at her home coffee ritual.
Beyond Coffee

Erin Bowman - 'Coffee In Your Cup'

A London-based singer-songwriter who captivates audiences with every word and sound. @erinbowmanmusic
Coffee Mixology

Beyond Espresso Martini – The Barista Challenge

Join Kahlúa Global Ambassador Alex Ruas in Sweden and five leading baristas and bartenders from across the globe host the semi-final of the Beyond Espresso Martini Challenge on video call. Watch our panel of judges announcing the results of the Kahlúa Global Coffee challenge and discover the next cocktail-celebrity of the decade! With Amanda Whitt (U.S), Will Pitts (UK), Ariel Todeschini (Brazil), Kim Hyun-Sop (South Korea).
Home Rituals

The Ultimate Home Coffee and Cocktail Masterclass

Love coffee? Love cocktails? Then you'll love this at-home masterclass with Will Pitts (@willpittsyeah), UK Coffee in Good Spirits 2020 and UK Latte Art 2019 Champion.

Plant-Based Barista Masters

A new barista competition fusing the world of coffee and plant-based beverages. Five top baristas battle head-to-head to be crowned Plant-Based Barista Master 2020. Judged by Dan Fellows (@danfellows1), 2X Coffee in Good Spirits Champion and 2016 UK Barista Champion, and James Wise, Coffee Masters Champion 2017 (@_wiise_). 

Home Rituals

Coffee At Home With... James Wise

Join James Wise (@_wiise_), Coffee Masters Champion 2017, for a sneak peek at his home coffee ritual.
Coffee Cities

Cape Town's Best Coffee

An exclusive insider tour of Cape Town's specialty coffee scene, café concepts and hot spots. Winston Thomas (@winston_douglas), Owner of Winston Douglas Coffee.
Home Rituals

Coffee At Home With... Kris Schackman

Join Kris Schackman, co-founder and director, Five Elephant (@fiveelephant) and Coffee Masters Judge, for a sneak peek at his home coffee ritual.
Beyond Coffee

Daisy Chute - "London's On Fire"

A songstress, multi-instrumentalist and formerly of Decca’s platinum-selling classical group, All Angels. @daisychuteofficial
The Review

Great Coffee Home Barista Masterclass

Lisa-Laura Verhoest, Climpson & Sons and Ruth Calderwood, La Marzocco, teach a masterclass on making the very best espresso-based coffees at home on the Linea Mini.
Home Rituals

How To Make A Pour-Over: Advanced Techniques For The Home Barista

With Lisa-Laura Verhoest, Head Account Manager at Climpson & Sons and 2018 UK Brewers Cup Champion (@lisalauraverhoest), focusing on the V60 and French Press.
Home Rituals

Brunch Brews with Caravan Coffee Roasters

Alex Wallace, Q Grader and Head QC and Stuart Murray, Account Manager at Caravan Coffee Roasters create an amazing menu of brunch bevys that you can make and enjoy at home using Sage appliances.
Coffee Cities

New York's Best Coffee

An exclusive insider tour of New York's specialty coffee scene, café concepts and hot spots. Presented by Ezra Baker (@arzezra).
Home Rituals

Coffee At Home With... Ezra Baker

Join Ezra Baker (@ezradbaker), coffee professional and Roast Masters MC, for a sneak peek at his home coffee ritual.

Coffee Masters Showtime: The Order

A real-world challenge where four baristas compete head-to-head to deliver an order of ten espresso-based drinks against the clock.

Coffee Masters Showtime: The Latte Art

Four Coffee Masters competitors and latte art legends battle it out to create the ultimate pours against the clock.
Beyond Coffee

James Riley - 'New York Minute'

Anglo-American artist, raised in London who blends acoustic folk and americana style to create his infectious style of writing, singing and overall performance. @jamesrileysongs
Home Rituals

Coffee At Home With... Lem Butler

Join Lem Butler, co-founder of Black & White Coffee Roasters (@lembutler) ​and Coffee Masters MC, for a sneak peek at his home coffee ritual. 
Coffee Cities

Toronto's Best Coffee

An exclusive insider tour of Toronto's specialty coffee scene, café concepts and hot spots. Presented by Grant Gamble, The Toronto Coffee Festival (@GambleVision).
Home Rituals

Try This at Home! Coffee and Cocktails with an Italian Twist

Step up your at-home cocktail game with tips and tricks from Antonio Orria, Head of Coffee, The Gentlemen Baristas.
Coffee Mixology

Mixing It Up With Kahlúa

Watch Alex Ruas, Kahlúa Global Ambassador, as he challenges coffee enthusiasts to turn their favourite coffees into coffee cocktails!
Coffee Cities

Los Angeles' Best Coffee

An exclusive insider tour of LA's specialty coffee scene, café concepts and hot spots. Presented by  Celeste Wong (@the_girl_in_the_cafe).
Home Rituals

Coffee At Home With... Sprudge

Sprudge Media Network Presents: "The Journey From Seed to Cup" with Spesh
Coffee Cities

Seoul's Best Coffee

An exclusive insider tour of Seoul's specialty coffee scene, café concepts and hot spots. Presented by Matt Lee, La Marzocco Korea.
Coffee Cities

Sydney’s Best Coffee

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Beyond Coffee

Ruby Confue - 'Baby 126'

A modern jazz, soul singer and performance artist from London. @rubyconfue
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