21 October 2020
The Machine Loved By Every Barista Who’s Ever Used It
The KB90 is the perfect machine for those looking for accuracy, consistency and speed.
The KB90 is a revolutionary machine thanks to the problems it solves for baristas and the ways in which it aids and brings advances to the barista community. When creating the KB90, La Marzocco looked at the ways that the job of the barista could be improved.  They came up with three solutions.

The 'Straight-In' Portafilter 

The ‘straight-in’ design simplifies and eases the motion of locking-in the portafilters to the group-head by eliminating the bayonet-ring twist. Not only is this quicker but it also reduces the risk of wrist injuries by simplifying the motions of the barista. 

The Auto-Flush System

Automatically purging the group with water and steam, removing coffee residue quickly and easier. The automatic flush cycle not only eases the job of the barista but leaves every espresso tasting it’s best.

The Drip Prediction Algorithm 

The third is the drip prediction algorithm to automatically stop espresso extraction at the desired moment to ensure the target output is reached in the cup and each coffee tastes exactly as the roasters intended. Through this algorithm based system there’s no compromise to accuracy when you switch between blends, decaf and single origins. 

The remaining features of the KB90 mirror those of the Linea PB, ensuring tried and trusted engineering that is loved by baristas all over the world. 

In true La Marzocco fashion, the outer shell of the machine is designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Inspired by fast and iconic cars from the 70s, the KB90 has a retro shape and comes in red, a celebratory color of their recent 90th anniversary.

The KB90 sets a new standard in high volume café performance, striving to make espresso faster, cleaner and easier.

You can see the KB90 in action as part of The Global Coffee Festival on 30 October by watching the event, "How To' with La Marzocco and the KB90" or find out more by visiting the uk.lamarzocco.com
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