23 September 2020
Meet The Next Generation of Super Traditional Coffee Machines
Eversys is bridging the gap between traditional Italian coffee equipment with super automated machines with their latest Enigma line.
Eversys’ latest E’line machine, now called ‘Enigma’, encapsulates what Eversys is all about: delivering the quality of traditional coffee-making equipment with the speed and intelligence of super automation.
The E’line was originally launched in 2012, and the Swiss brand has continued to upgrade the line with the latest technologies and design aesthetics to meet market demands. Their latest iteration is no exception.

The new Enigma line was created to be authentic and timeless, while always delivering a quality cup. “It’s not about creating a new design for the sake of it,” says Alexandre Rossier, Head of Design at Eversys in a press release. “Design can only work effectively if it fits in with the technological objectives of our engineering team, the needs of our customers, and matches with the company vision. In the case of Eversys, it always begins with the customer and in-cup quality.” 

Enigma Super Traditional coffee machine
Enigma Super Traditional

The line includes the E’4, modelled on a two-group espresso machine; the Shotmaster, a slim unit with two coffee dispensing outlets; and the Shotmaster Pro with two dispensing outlets and an integrated 1.5-Step milk texturing capability. Each model comes with side module accessory options, including E’choco with two powder canisters, E’fridge with a nine-litre capacity, and an E’cup heater with a four-heating-plates. 
When it comes to the display screens, they are 27 per cent larger with higher resolution, a wider viewing angle and the capacity to run videos.
The design encompasses the look of a conventional machine with a more traditional model. It’s available in two versions, the Tempest, which has aluminum side panels, and Earth, which is copper. It also features stainless steel drip trays and a sleek black, glossy finish on the front of the machine. 

The "Enigma Classic" model, which is available from September, and the "Enigma Super Traditional" model, available soon, will feature in a live demonstration at the Global Coffee Festival on the 30th of October. Register for your FREE tickets today
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