23 October 2020
The Under-Counter Module System Creating A Buzz In The Coffee Community
The Modbar aims to remove barriers and create a stronger bond between barista and customer, all whilst creating the highest-quality coffee.
Modbar is the original undercounter modular brewing system that allows for a different type of coffee experience. Whether it’s an installation at a new art exhibit or a local bar, the Modbar Espresso AV allows the barista’s full attention to shift towards people, treating them to an awe-inspiring caffeinated break where their coffee is delivered with a sense of magic. By removing the barrier of a counter top coffee machine, a stronger bond can be created between barista and customer, effortlessly creating an open dialogue about coffee. 

One of the main joys of the Modbar is the way it enables you to create the ideal café workflow for you. Modbar allows you to create distinct stations with your choice of espresso, steam and pour-over modules - a few of our favourites include steam wands specifically dedicated to making hot chocolate, alternate milk types or warming a batch of soup on a cold winter day. Whatever customer experience you want to create, Modbar has a module or set of modules for you. This type of customization allows the Modbar AV to grow with businesses over time. 

After years of collaborative research, the Modbar comes with the same high level of efficiency and temperature stability, and user-friendly interface that has made the Linea PB such an industry icon. And like all La Marzocco creations, the Modbar has an alluring design that captures your attention and imagination - inspired by the effortless yet elegant tail of a whale slipping deep into the ocean.

The Modbar AV is about simplifying the interaction between barista and customer, simplifying the experience of making coffee, and simplifying technical needs, all while making it look beautiful.

You can see the Modbar in action as part of The Global Coffee Festival on the 30 October in "The True Artisan Café", T"he Plant-Based Barista Masterclass" and "A Journey Through Sustainable Coffee Projects From Bean to Cup" or find out more by visiting uk.lamarzocco.com.
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