24 October 2020
Q&A with Perky Blenders co-founder, Adam Cozens
Perky Blenders' co-founder explains why the FAEMA E71E is his go-to espresso machine.

Tell us about yourself and your business, Perky Blenders? 

My name is Adam Cozens I am the Co-founder and Managing Director of Perky Blenders. We are specialty coffee roasters in East London, UK. with a popular online coffee-by-post service and four coffee shops. I am responsible for the wholesale side of our business which has strong roots in London but supplies over 50 stores nationwide in the UK. I also work alongside both our Operations Managers to ensure the daily running of the business is sound as well as keeping a focus on our company strategies for growth.

What's your involvement in the GCF 2020?

As a loyal FAEMA customer, we're showcasing the FAEMA E71E for an online demonstration video which was presented by our very talented Shop Operations Manager, Araina Huecherig. We work exclusively with FAEMA coffee machines — we find the standard of the equipment is very high and the range of espresso equipment suits the needs of our own customers.

What does your at-home coffee routine look like?

A flat white and an espresso in the morning almost religiously before leaving the house. At the weekend, I like to sample our Single Origin coffees in a V60 or Chemex which is when I have time to sit and enjoy a good filter. Always freshly ground and given due care and attention to detail. I like to sample from friends and other roasters too during this time, but our range of filter coffee always makes me proud, our team are producing some amazing coffee right now.

What are the top things that you look for in an espresso machine? 

It's not just what I expect from a machine, it's the expectation of our customers and our staff that drive our choice. Clearly we want good espresso coffee as a product and the means to control that process, but it goes further than that. From the moment someone walks into your shop, you want to give the right impression. I think the best espresso machine is the FAEMA E71E — it simplifies the contact between the barista and the coffee and when they're set up well they are so easy to use. Lets not forget they look great too, they can really help a shop to stand out from the coffee crowd.

What piece of advice do you have for someone looking to launch their career in the coffee industry?

Get a great roastery behind you with the right type of support. We have helped many shops launch and it is never straight forward. Pick a company that will be there for that extra bit of advice and will to spend time to help you get it right. The best advice I can offer someone setting out on their own is to work collaboratively and build relationships, sometimes your suppliers are more important than your customers, when you get your head around that you realise that vision comes from behind you not just from your own perspective.

Catch the Perky Blenders team demonstrate the FAEMA E71E as part of "The Review" channel at The Global Coffee Festival on 30 October 2020 - get your tickets today!
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