08 October 2020
#BeyondEspressoMartini with Kahlúa
Kahlúa invites you to come up with the successor of Espresso Martini
Over the past year, the global coffee industry has experienced immense growth, despite recent world events the category has remained stable and resilient, as consumer’s love for coffee and cocktails continues to evolve. Kahlúa shares the same passion for great coffee and has done since 1936, so there has never been a better time to invite consumers to try a coffee cocktail!  
This October, Kahlúa is delighted to showcase their coffee credentials at the world’s first virtual Global Coffee Festival. On a mission to spark creativity amongst coffee connoisseurs around the globe, Kahlúa invites consumers, baristas and mixologists to come together and celebrate their passion for coffee cocktails. 
In the search for the next coffee cocktail, Kahlúa invites consumers to participate in the #BeyondEspressoMartini campaign, where coffee enthusiasts are encouraged to get creative and experiment with different flavours and coffee notes.

Commenting on Kahlúa’s participation in The Global Coffee Festival, Will Pitts, Kahlúa Global Barista says, "When it comes to coffee, there are so many elements that come together to make a good brew, and with the creations of coffee cocktails, it is still just as important to have a liquor that can reach the levels of quality provided by the coffee and methodology and that is why I recommend Kahlúa.” 
Kahlúa is produced with 100% Arabica coffee, from the region of Veracruz, in Mexico. The coffee is brewed at room temperature for 14 hours, before being mixed in with the rum. This gives it a profile similar to cold brew, with a high body and sweetness. 
“Using Kahlúa is an awesome way to add body to any cocktail, especially for coffee lovers looking for an extra hit of coffee flavour! I can’t wait to join The Global Coffee Festival in October to showcase all my coffee cocktail tips and tricks, and also to discover what’s next for the global coffee cocktail world!” Will comments. 
Kahlúa is hosting an exclusive coffee cocktail challenge, featuring UK Coffee in Good Spirits 2020 and UK Latte Art 2019 Champion Will Pitts — be sure to sign up to join Kahlúa and the rest of the world on their mission to find the future successor of the Espresso Martini #BeyondEspressoMartini.
Follow Will on his coffee adventures at @willpittsyeah on Instagram and for further information about Kahlúa follow @Kahlua on Instagram or visit kahlua.com.
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