09 October 2020
3 Ways to Make Your Morning Coffee Routine More Mindful
Meditation expert Michael James Wong, author of Sit Down, Be Quiet and founder of Just Breathe London, tells us how to make your morning cup more meditative.
If the phrase “mindful morning coffee” conjures up images of a shaman sitting pretzeled with a latte on his lap, then it’s time to check your assumptions. Integrating a mediation practice into your coffee doesn’t have to be some elaborate, new age-y ritual — in fact, it’s easier than you think. “We all have certain rituals in our lives that help to calm us and make us feel at ease,” says Wong. “For many people, when done well, a morning cup of coffee is just that.” Here are his top tips for elevating your morning routine:


“All too often we just only make time for a grab-and-go coffee,” he says. “But when taking the time to really indulge in the full ritual of grinding, pouring, and smelling, the full experience becomes a meaningful and mindful moment like no other.” As you’re making your first cup of the day, really pay attention to what you’re doing, and try to appreciate all the little details that go into the coffee-making process.

“The drinking experience is only one part sipping,” says Wong. “There are also lots of sights and smells, the warmth of the cup, and the richness of the colour.” Paying attention to all the elements of your cup can help you have a more meditative coffee-drinking experience.


“The act of consumption of any kind is something we should all be considerate of,” he says. “The amount we drink, the type of coffee are all important.” Think about where your coffee comes from, and consider buying from an independent retailer that sells ethically-sourced beans.

Want to learn more about the coffee and mindfulness movement? Check out The Mindful Coffee Tasting Experience at the festival, presented by Caravan Coffee Roasters and Just Breathe London.

This article originally appeared on The London Coffee Festival.
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